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Enjoy a Personalised Sound Experience

The HearLink PLUS™ Bluetooth® transmitter streams TV or computer audio directly to either your BeHear NOW or BeHear ACCESS personalised headset.

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Connect your TV, stereo, or PC to your Wear & Hear BeHear headset using HearLink PLUS.

Listening using the HearLink PLUS™ eliminates ambient noises, any echo or reverberation in the room, as well as other types of sound interference. The aptX® audio codec keeps latency at less than 40 ms, avoiding lip-sync issues.

Connect your BeHear headset to both the HearLink PLUS™ transmitter and your smartphone, so you can watch TV with the ListenThrough™ technology and also make or receive mobile calls. The audio transmission via the HearLink PLUS™ is paused for the duration of the call and then resumes when you hang up. If you and your companion both use BeHear NOW or BeHear ACCESS, both headsets can be connected to a single HearLink PLUS™ transmitter, enabling you to enjoy the TV watching or computer experience together, while each hearing the audio through the headset personally optimized to your hearing profile and preferences.
How to use your HearLink PLUS

For quality sound and an enhanced personal experience, you can connect up to two BeHear headsets to your HearLink Plus to have the optimal listening experience that is both individual and shared.

Get quality sound when you connect one or two hearing aids to HearLink Plus

Features of HearLink PLUS Low latency audio streaming Long-range wireless High-quality stereo sound AVRCP commands (play/pause) for seamless operation with BeHear (1 or 2 headsets) AutoON (automatic ‘power on’ if charged from the TV USB port) Battery operation for convenient use with portable players, mobile phones or computers Lightweight and compact


The HearLink PLUS is lightweight and easy to use, ideal for the technologically-timid and tech-enthusiasts alike. With simple to follow instructions and clearly marked buttons, the HearLink PLUS enhances the listening experience, without bogging you down in set-up procedures. And thanks to the ListenThrough™ technology in your BeHEar headset, making or receive mobile calls while you are linked to your TV, PC, or stereo is a breeze.

How to use your HearLink PLUS

Find out more in the HearLink PLUS Brochure (high-res)

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