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The ear is a complicated instrument, and different parts of the ear can fail causing various kinds of hearing problems most of which can’t be solved simply by turning up the volume. The ear filters out static noises, allowing you to listen to someone speaking even if you’re in a crowded restaurant, and The BeHear NOW behaves in a similar way.

By not only amplifying but also clarifying the sounds you hear, the Bluetooth® headset uses four microphones (one in each earbud, and one in each control box) to pick up and process ambient sounds, cancelling feedback, and reducing echoes while they amplify essential sounds such as the voices of your loved ones and ignoring unimportant, static noises.

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You’ll love the BeHear NOW!

Diagram of the BeHear NOW hearing aid headset

But take our word for it. Hear it from a person like you.

This is Keith. He shares his experience from his first day with the BeHear NOW and how they compare with the hearing aids which he’s worn for years. Listen to his story about how the BeHear NOW compares to traditional hearing aids and how they deal with common problems such as conversations and watching TV.

How to Set Up your BeHear NOW

It is easy to set up your audiogram, which allows your BeHear NOW to adapt to your unique hearing capabilities and preferences. Unlike traditional hearing aids, the BeHear NOW can be set up without a visit to your hearing professional. The unit lets you conduct your own 6-minute hearing assessment with the free W&H BeHear app for iPhone and Android smartphones. Alternatively, the audiogram values provided from a hearing professional can be directly imputed into the app, or you can choose from the audiogram library included in the app. These settings can be adjusted and personalised while you’re using the app. Adjust the volume or reduce the level of background noise and raise the levels of amplification for specific frequencies in real-time.

How to Wear & Hear with your BeHear NOW

The BeHear NOW is not your grandmother’s hearing aid. The Bluetooth® connects directly to your devices, behaving just like headphones would for streaming music, watching videos or TV and making mobile phone calls.

The four microphones behave more like your natural ears, picking up ambient sounds and processing them to suit your unique hearing capabilities and preferences in “live” sound situations. Alter the settings for different hearing situations such as human speech, movies in the theatre, and during outdoor activities, such as birding. While traditional hearing aids provide amplification of sounds up to 5KHz which is the upper limit of typical human speech, the BeHear NOW amplifies sounds up to approximately 12KHz, making it ideal for enjoying live music and concerts.

BeHear NOW is a modern and comfortable style that can be worn either under or over your clothing.

The high-performance processor uses a long-life rechargeable battery that lasts that charges with a direct USB cable. Find just the right shape with the comfortable fit for you with twenty-four different combinations of silicone earbuds and hooks in a variety of shapes and sizes.

More about the BeHear NOW Advanced Technology

The BeHear NOW ListenThrough™ technology separates important sounds like human speech or sirens from unimportant sounds and static noise, like traffic, air conditioners, and other motorised equipment. The ListenThrough™ will isolate you from your surroundings and allow you to enjoy listening to music without keeping you from being aware when someone is calling you or the timer on the oven dings.

The ListenThrough™, combined with the EasyListen™ real-time technology, works with the understanding that listening is more dynamic than volume. EasyListen™ slows down the incoming speech for mobile phone calls, making it more understandable when speaking with fast talkers, people with an accent, those speaking a foreign language, or electronic recorded phone messages. EasyListen™ is more complicated than traditional “time stretching” technologies for speech modification. It works dynamically, addressing in real-time the accumulated delay for slowing down an audio signal, without interfering with the speech that follows. By shortening the pauses that occur in any typical conversation, it allows for a balance in the flow. EasyListen™ does not interfere with the natural tones, noises, and other irrelevant sounds of discussion, but leaves them unstretched. During the conversation, it slows the different sounds at different rates, based on their natural length, and continuous sounds, like “mmm”, “aaaa”, “yee”, et cetera, are not slowed at all.

EasyListen™ is a language-independent technology and works well with Western and Eastern tonal languages.

The Wear & Hear HearLink™ PLUS Bluetooth® transmitter streams TV audio directly to the personalised headset. The HearLink™ PLUS is sold separately.

Upgrading your BeHear NOW

Technology moves so fast today, but you can stay up to date with the most advanced technology as soon as it becomes available. With the “Over The Air” (OTA) software, you’ll be notified whenever there are improved functionality and new firmware, and you can then simply download either on the spot or later when using a different wireless network.

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Assistive hearing device for enhanced intelligibility of speech and other important sounds. Ignoring background noise but identifying important ambient sounds to identify to you during music playback.


Slowing down speech dynamically during phone conversations


Digital hearing aid for personalised sound amplification across a wide sound spectrum. Providing dynamic, compressed amplification of ambient sounds.


Hearing enhancement functions: including noise reduction, echo cancellation, and more


Bluetooth stereo headset for wireless mobile phone calls and media playback

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