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You loved the BeHear NOW, but you told us there was, even more, we could do to help you access the world around you through all the varieties of sounds and improve your listening experience. And we heard you! 

Wear & Hear took what you loved about the BeHear Now and made it even better with the BeHear ACCESS.

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Just like the BeHear NOW, the Bluetooth® connects directly to your devices, behaving just like headphones would for streaming music, watching videos or TV and making mobile phone calls. It uses the four microphones, one in each earbud and one in each control box, to pick up those ambient sound and cancel feedback. It still amplifies sounds up to approximately 12KHz to improve your live music listening experience, but now it does even more!

People hear better with the Wear & Hear BeHear ACCESS

With the BeHear ACCESS, you can stream directly from locations outfitted with hearing loops, such as theatres, universities, museums, ticket kiosks, and government offices. To tap into these closed system feeds, simply access either the T-Coil Exclusive or T-Coil Transparent mode using the app. The exclusive mode allows you to listen only to the streaming content, while the transparent mode enables you to hear other sounds, such as the voice of someone with whom you are sharing the experience. The two perpendicular T-Coils decrease your sensitivity to the orientation in the magnetic field of an Induction Loop system.

How to Set Up your BeHear ACCESS

What you loved about the BeHear Now, we’ve kept. Never fear, BeHear Access also adapt to your unique hearing capabilities and preferences without having to visit your hearing professional. Conduct your 6-minute hearing assessment with the free W&H BeHear app, available for your iPhone and Android smartphones. Or if you miss your hearing professional and would still like to go in for a visit, you can input the audiogram values they provide directly into the app. You can again simply choose from the app’s audiogram library. And just like with the BeHear Now, all of your settings can be adjusted and personalised as you go. Save your favourite settings for different conditions such as Indoor and Outdoor spaces, Crowded rooms, Live Music, or and the new Telecoil Transparent and Telecoil Exclusive options.

How to Wear & Hear better your BeHear ACCESS

The BeHear ACCESS features the same modern and comfortable style at the BeHear Now, and it can still be worn either under or over your clothing. However, the new model features large, tactile buttons making it even easier to use than the BeHear NOW. The high-performance processor uses a long-life rechargeable battery that lasts about 13 hours in personal hearing mode. Voice prompts let you know when the battery is getting low, and the magnetised cradle simplifies charging – another improvement on the BeHear NOW which charged using a USB connection.

And you can still find that right shape and comfortable fit that you love to ear, with a variety, shapes, and sizes of the silicone earbuds and hooks. And control your BeHear ACCESS functions from either the headset, using those large buttons we mentioned, or by using the smartphone app.

The Same Great Technology

Like the BeHear NOW, the BeHear ACCESS offers ListenThrough™ and EasyListen™ technology. The ListenThrough™ separates important sounds from static noise. While the EasyListen™ dynamically slows down the incoming speech for mobile phone calls, regardless of which Western or Eastern tonal language the caller is speaking.

And it will work with your HearLink™ PLUS Bluetooth transmitter, that streams your TV audio directly to your BeHear ACCESS. The HearLink™ PLUS is sold separately.

And don’t miss an upgrade with the “Over The Air” (OTA) software that will notify you of new firmware to download using your wireless network.

For more great videos about your BeHear ACCESS, visit the Wear & Hear Playlist on the XenonOZHID YouTube Page.
Download the BeHear ACCESS Brochure (high-res) for more information and specs.

Additional information


Bluetooth® stereo headset


Fully customisable hearing amplification and noise reduction for live conversations, mobile phone calls, music play, and ambient sounds.


Dynamic slow down of incoming speech during a mobile phone conversation.

Telecoil receivers

Built-in telecoil receivers: Enhanced music listening experience using two telecoil receivers to deliver optimal sound in locations outfitted with induction loop technology.

Large buttons

Large, tactile buttons: Designed for usability and comfort.

Magnetized cradle

Magnetized charging cradle: Long-life battery and the magnetised cradle simplifies charging.

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