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Earwax: most people find it messy and rather not have any people see the gooey substance in their ears. When you are bothered by an excessive production of earwax, you might think it’s necessary to choose professional solutions, such as having your ears syringed out by a doctor. With Alpine Ear Spray you can now give your ears a good rinse in the comfort of your own home, bringing multiple advantages. Pain-free and effective cleaning Reduces the chance of having to syringe out your ears

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Earplugs last longer

Do you use earplugs to protect your hearing? Than you would, of course, like to enjoy using them as long as possible. Removing excessive earwax not only keeps your ears clean and healthy, your earplugs will also be free of earwax. Alpine Ear Spray that way extends the lifespan of your earplugs and increases wearing comfort. As a result, you can enjoy using your earplugs for an even longer period of time.

Reduces the chance of having to syringe out your ears

Although people finding earwax a bit messy, it does have a purpose. Our body produces earwax because it is water-repellent and protects your ear against moisture. But when you are bothered by an excessive production of earwax, you can get unpleasant complaints such as irritations, blockages or even infections. Removing earwax with Alpine Ear Spray not only results in fresh clean ears, the mild formula also helps you keep a healthy hearing canal. Do you regularly have to syringe out your ears? By using Alpine Ear Spray you will less easily be bothered by clogged ears in the future.

Pain-free and effective cleaning

Cleaning your ears is a tedious job and some even find it painful. Alpine Ear Spray changes this. The spray container includes a special nozzle tip, preventing pressure on the eardrum when applied. Moreover, one of the spray’s substances is Chamomilla, which calms and soothes the ear canal and ear. Unlike many other ear sprays, the Alpine Ear Spray contains the active substance Polysorbate 80, that removes earwax more effectively than traditional saline solutions.

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Alpine Ear Spray spray container (50 ml)
Nozzle tip
User manual

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