"I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you and your team for getting my issue resolved so promptly and making it seem effortless. You stood by your word when you advised me that you stand by your product and help with any after sales queries as you did. The new lights work fantastic no issues at all, I have even put the 15A fuses just to test and it works with them as well. I am continually going to promote your product and your excellent service. A very happy customer."

Dusko, Audi A4

"The lights are fantastic and whenever I get in a car without Xenons I always ask myself if the lights are on!"

Gavin, Subaru Liberty GT

"After driving round the last year with XenonOz replacement lights in my 2004 Subaru Outback, I removed the lights before I sold the car. While driving round with the standard lights I noticed a distinct lack of depth and clarity with the halogen lights compared to the XenonOz lights. As I live in the Pilbarra in WA every effort to improve one's vision at night is a must and I'll be upgrading the lights in my new car to XenonOz. I have now installed a new kit in my Patrol and wouldn't be without them"

Martin, Subaru Outback

"I've had the XenonOz Sport lamps in for just over a week now, and I have to say I am impressed with the performance of these units. The difference over the standard halogen bulbs is incredible. The crystal clear, even spread of light is truly amazing. Thanks again for your generous assistance with the installation by MRT, who by the way did a superbly neat job of locating the ballasts etc. I wish you well in marketing this outstanding product range - a sensible step toward road safety."

Ron, Mazda NC MX-5

"Just wanted to say thanks for organising the lights for the S3! They are fantastic and a good smooth order/install all round! Took my first trip recently since having them in and what a difference! Why would you use anything else? Only issue, the reflection off road signs - not really an issue, but you certainly notice them! Pleasure dealing with you."

Michael, Audi S3

"Team Mirage Australia has been using XenonOz globes since our 2nd event at the demanding Nürburgring 24hr Race. We have found the lights have genuinely helped us in our overall performance in these gruelling events as the night-time sessions in Europe are DARK, not like here in Australia! In fact my lap times were faster in the night sessions as I was more aware of the track conditions, could see more of the track ahead, and was less distracted by peripheral visions.
We used XenonOz globes in all vehicles at the inaugural 2006 Dubai 24hr Race. All the drivers praised the visibility in the dark sessions, which played a big part in our 1st, 2nd & 3rd class victory. We can highly recommend any team doing night time racing to use XenonOz!"

Mal Rose, Team Mirage Australia

"The light performance is SENSATIONAL. The HID light performance really compliments the setup of the Subie Outback. The penetration of the beam is very crisp and sharp. It looks beautiful."

Simon, Subaru Outback

"The Xenon system works great. With the Xenon's you can still see clearly in the rain. You don't get the light reflecting off the wet surface like the common globes."

Phillip, Toyota Chaser

"Firstly, many thanks, and the set that you sent works brilliantly. The Lexus spread is very good indeed and projection forward is a good 30-60 metres improvement. I am just amazed the amount of definition and depth they give to objects both in front and around the periphery. So yes, money very well spent!"

Paul, Lexus LX470