Peter Stevens has been synonymous with motorcycles in Victoria for the last 30 years, with locations in Melbourne, Ringwood, Dandenong, Geelong and Adelaide. Peter Stevens Motorcycles prides ourselves with being the top motorcycle retailer in Victoria and South Australia for Honda, Suzuki, Hyosung, Harley-Davidson, Vespa and Triumph marquees. Peter Stevens Motorcycles also provides the largest range of spare parts and accessories and we believe that we are able to provide and cater for a rider of all capabilities.

After months of testing of various products, Sam Tucker, Spare Parts Manager at Peter Stevens Geelong and his team have selected the XenonOz Advanced Lighting System for aftermarket installations to compliment the wide range of quality accessories that they carry.

"With no filament to break, HID technology lends itself beautifully to motorcycle applications, given the vibrations and other difficult service environment, particularly in off road and high beam applications. Xenon lighting has renowned reliability and is used by numerous race and rally teams, as well as long distance transport companies across Australia.

A product that is able to provide greater visibility to and for the rider is always appreciated as it increases the level of safety for the rider. The application for both road and off road riders as well as the vehicles used to transport the motorcycles gives us confidence that this product is a very highly valued investment for any serious motorcycle rider. The range of products will be available at our Geelong store."

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